Sermons preached at the Lake Street church of Christ in Nicholasville, KY


Paul concludes the Thessalonian letter, having reminded the Christians there of the great gift God and how that should influence their conduct.  As you listen consider the value of he gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus that has been made available to you, God is faithful to bring these things to pass, how will you conduct yourself?

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January 12, 2020

Sons of Light

Why do we have hope in return of Christ?  Why do we have trust in the sacrifice of Christ? Why do we labor for His kingdom?  We are Sons of Light! And that changes our thoughts and our actions! Listen to this sermon and reflect on your own life. Does it reveal that you also are a Son of Light?

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November 10, 2019

Gods Will: Your Sanctification

What does God want for you?  Paul gives this message to a thriving congregation in Thessalonica, things are going well but beware, God desires you to be sanctified! What does that look like? This sermon seeks to find that out.

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